Marcus du Sautoy

What We Cannot Know: Explorations at the Edge of Knowledge

Thursday 15th September 2016

What We Cannot Know, Marcus Du Sautoy, Literary Festival
What We Cannot Know, Marcus Du Sautoy

Is the Universe infinite?
Do we know what happened before the Big Bang?
Where is human consciousness located in the brain?
And are there more undiscovered particles out there, beyond the Higgs boson?

These are some of the fascinating questions at the centre of Marcus du Sautoy’s new book. An ambitious and engaging read, What We Cannot Know takes the reader on a thought-provoking expedition to the farthest boundaries of modern science. Along the way, he investigates how leading experts in quantum physics, cosmology, neuroscience and sensory perception have discovered the current lie of the land and asks if there are limits to what we can discover and comprehend about the universe and ourselves. Bill Bryson described What We Cannot Know as ‘Brilliant and fascinating. No one is better at making the recondite accessible and exciting.’

Marcus du Sautoy is the author of The Music of the Primes, Finding Moonshine, Symmetry: A Journey Into the Patterns of Nature and The Num8er My5teries: A Mathematical Odyssey Through Everyday Life. A regular on television and radio, he has presented various programmes including The Story of Maths, What Makes A Genius?, The Beauty of Diagrams and The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms. He is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and the Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science, a post previously held by Richard Dawkins.