Peter Nasmyth

Literature and Landscape in East Devon
Saturday 19 September 2015
10am | Public Hall | Tickets: £9
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Peter Nasmyth, Literature and Landscape in East Devon

Peter Nasmyth is a writer and photographer who grew up in East Devon, but for the last 25 years focused his attention on the Caucasus. He has written several books on the area including Georgia: in the Mountains of Poetry and the walking guide Walking in the Caucasus. He created the southern Caucasus’s first English language bookshop, Prospero’s, in Tbilisi. In 2014 he turned his eye back onto his homeland and wrote Literature and Landscape in East Devon, both as a call for its preservation and an investigation into the subtle linkage between writers and their environments.

A first, full literary companion to the East Devon area, his beautiful book combines large, full colour photographs with serious research, quotations and observations on literature and landscape. The birthplace of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Sir Walter Raleigh and the setting for stories and poems by H.G Wells, John Betjeman, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jane Austen and others, East Devon remains as attractive to writers today as ever. Peter’s aim is to celebrate and draw attention to this unique and threatened part of rural England.

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Peter Nasmyth , Literature and Landscape in East Devon