Peter Snowdon

Cameron at 10: The Inside Story

Friday 16th September 2016

Peter Snowdon

The last two months have been a dramatic time for British politics.

When we went to press with the BudLitFest programme, David Cameron was still Prime Minister and it looked likely that the country would vote to Remain in the EU Referendum. Since then, Cameron has resigned, the Conservative cabinet has been reshuffled and the British public remain radically divided about the vote to leave the EU.

Peter Snowdon, the co-author of Cameron at 10, had unprecedented access to the inner circle of politicians and civil servants that surrounded the former Prime Minister. His knowledge covers everything from the early days of the coalition government, the Scottish Referendum, the 2010 and 2015 General Elections and Cameron’s relationships with foreign leaders to his views on immigration, foreign policy and austerity.

Recently published as a paperback with a new introduction and two additional chapters focusing on the Remain campaign and Brexit, Cameron at 10 is a Sunday Times bestseller. The Independent described it as ‘a monumental first draft of history’ whilst the Evening Standard called it ‘a masterclass minute-by-minute account… Magisterial.’

Peter Snowdon is a journalist and historian and a duty editor on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He is the author of Back from the Brink, described by Daniel Finklestein as ‘a superb new history of the last decade in Tory politics.’

Come and hear Peter discuss the inside story of Cameron and the recent verdict with host Erica Wagner.